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Zebu Trade Review

Zebu Trade is a renowned discount stock broking firm. It is a licensed member of BSE, NSE, MCX, SEBI, MSEI, and CDSL. The firm was incorporated in the year 2013 in Erode, Tamil Nadu, India. The firm has grown eventually as a stand-alone organization and have attained the leading position in the financial industry in a very short span of time.
The firm focuses on providing a wide range of products to the customers that can be feasible for your present and future financial needs. It also provides a safe and secure trading platform through which the investors can trade smartly and efficiently.

Major Features of Zebu Trade:
1. Effective and excellent service.
2. It provides advanced and easy to use trading tools.
3. There are no hidden charges.
4. Committed to their policies.
5. Trust of more than 10 Years.
6. Advanced market research.
7. No. of products to choose.
8. Single margin for Equity and Commodity.
9. Single account for both investing and trading.

Products and Services:
As a trader or Investor , the equity market allows you to gain benefits on your deployed capital based on the future performances of the firm. Features of Equity market are written below:
1. Maximum Returns: It provides the advantage of gaining highest returns as compared to the other asset classes that includes gold and real estate.
2. Benefit from Compounding: The customers can scale their profits by the power of compounding the returns.
3. Travel with Trade: It provides an easy mobile trading facility as it becomes the most convenient option for the traders and the investors.
4. Profit from Corporate Decisions: The customers can enjoy profits from dividends, splits and bonuses in addition to the increasing stock prices.
5. Diversify Portfolio: Enlarge your portfolio and increase your wealth.

In futures, there is a contract to buy or sell a particular share or commodity at a predetermined price and at a predetermined date. Features of Futures market are written below:
1. High leverage.
2. Without affecting the price of an instrument, you can deploy a high capital amount in the futures segment especially in Index futures like Nifty or Bank nifty.
3. Profit made on the total cost of the contract will get enlarged and reflected on the actual capital deployed, when traded on leveraged instruments.

The options contract provides the buyer the right to buy (Call option) or sell (Put option), the underlying asset at the predetermined price before its expiry date without any obligation. Features of Options market are written below:
1. Enclose your position in the futures market and reduce the risk.
2. It precisely determines the movement of a stock to double or even triple the capital in a single day by using the options trading.
3. It allows the customer to enjoy the results of premium price options contract, acquired with the capital as less as ₹1000 per lot.

Indian currency and other country`s currency are traded as a contract in the Forex markets. Price movement in the forex market is based on the global economic conditions and situations all around the World. Currently, the firm allows trades for USD- INR, EUR-INR, GBP-INR and JPY-INR. Features of Currencies market are written below:
1. The customer can capitalize on a lucrative opportunity to earn when equipped with the knowledge about the geopolitical scenarios.
2. Timings of the currency market are more than equity markets as it runs worldwide and in different time zones.
3. High leverage.
4. Lesser transaction charges than others so that you can retain more profits.

Transform your portfolio by investing in the commodities market. Features of Commodities market are written below:
1. Investment in the precious and reliable metals like gold will help you to stay insulted against the effects of inflation.
2. Best segment to invest in if your business deals with raw material and manufacturing.
3. The Intraday for the commodities market are leveraged.
4. Price movements in the commodities market are based on environmental factors and global conditions. Hence, chances of manipulating the commodities markets is almost negligible.

Mutual Funds
It is a professionally managed investment pool that has capital from several investors. This is best for the individuals who take the least risk. The fund manager will split your investments with the weights into stocks, bonds, commodities and other instruments depending on your risk appetite. Mutual Funds are best suited for low risk, low reward. Features of Mutual funds are written below:
1. Low capital investments.
2. Limit your risk.
3. Get support from fund managing experts to manage your funds.
4. Long term wealth creation.
5. Less time consuming as it’s a long-term investment plan.

The customer can earn returns by investing in IPOs. Through IPO (Initial Public Offering), a company issues their stocks to the public for the first time. Features of IPO are written below:
1. The customers can capitalize on the chance to enter early as an investor in firms with the promising growth backed by the reputed promoters.
2. Early investment in companies helps to avail maximum profit.
3. In an IPO, share prices of any company are quite low. Thus, it’s also good for short term profits.

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