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Profitmart Review

Profitmart Securities Private Limited is a broking house established in 2010. It focuses on improving the customer’s profit with its best products, services and technology. It was formerly known as M3Multiple Securities Brokers Private Limited. With Profitmart, the customer can trade in Equity, F&O, Currency and Commodities.
Profitmart is officially a member of the BSE, NSE and Commodity Exchange MCX. The firm is registered as a Depository Participant with CDSL. It is among the fastest expanding broking houses in India. It provides modern and useful trading platforms for free services to its customer base and also provides expert advisory via telegram or WhatsApp. Its offering includes Equity Trading, Commodities, Portfolio Management Services, Mutual Funds, Depository Services and Investment Advisory.
The organisation works as a franchise broking business with the sub brokers. It has local camps and bases in the form of franchise to increase its local visibility and add on to its client’s base. The firm focuses on providing active support to the sub brokers in client acquisition, product training and business development.
The Profitmart provides diversified investment options in:
1. Equity
2. Derivatives
3. Currency Trading
4. Commodity Trading
5. IPO
6. Mutual Funds
7. Real Estate

Products and Services
This stock broker provides products and services that include trading in equities with the best technology, research, access and ease. The firm focuses on helping the clients to make the correct choice as to when, where and how to invest. It provides both the offline and online reach and delivery model for equity trading.

The customers can also trade in commodities by its own research and Knowledge. It provides a user-friendly online trading platform for the commodity sectors like bullion, base metals, energy and agriculture.

Some of the other services include wealth management i.e. the company helps the customers to put out all the pieces together and can form their individual financial image. The firm also provides the depository services to its customers for safe, paperless and cost-effective transactions. It also provides the service of Stock SIP. The client can save regularly and effortlessly on a recurring basis by taking the help of Profitmart.

Profitmart Pricing
Pricing remains as one of the most important aspects before finalizing a stockbroker for themselves. The account opening fees in Profitmart is Zero i.e. free of cost. To open a demat account with Profitmart, an amount of ₹999 is charged that includes account maintenance charges for lifetime.
The traders are benefited with the software by Profitmart and allows them to trade on their own. It also allows the customers to use the advisory services of Profitmart by their dealing desk and the relationship managers.

Profitmart Research
The stock broker provides an in-house research wing. It carries out its own in-depth research and advises the clients accordingly. The firm claims to have about 70%-80% hit ratio. The research is summed as Smart Levels and includes Equity Pivot and Commodity Pivot.
The reports that are generated by the Profitmart includes Fundamental Reports, Research Reports, IPO Reports, Stock Reviews and the Company Reports.
The Report and research serves an effective online education module and provides better guidance to the investors.

Benefits of Profitmart
There are some of the major benefits of using the services provided by Profitmart:
• It provides a sophisticated, secured and advanced technological infrastructure.
• The customer can trade in equity, currency, commodities, futures and options by using a single platform.
• It provides the most reasonable brokerage and pricing in the stock broking industry. The charges are also customizable according to the client’s needs.
• The broker offers a ‘Refer and Earn’ plan where the customers get a 20% cut from the brokerage generated by the clients referred.
• The customers can take delivery in Commodity Trading in the selected commodities such as Agri, Gold and Silver.
• It also provides mobile apps to make trading convenient and seamless.
• It provides confirmation text on each trade via SMS alerts.
• It provides real time market price.
• It serves ultra-fast and smooth trading experience to its customers.
• It also provides a back-office portal on a single click.
• It provides online modules of all the segments to make your trading experience better.
• It provides customer support for all queries and complaints.
• It helps its customers in trading by providing them with an expert online guidance.

Frequently asked question

Profitmart provides around 1-2 calls in a month (minimum of 20 calls in a year). However, it is not predetermined every month and it looks at the opportunities ideally when the market offers good value.
Fees once paid are non-cancellable and non-refundable.
The customer can invest with the starting capital of ₹2 to ₹3 lacs for investing in profitmart’s investment calls.
The customer cannot have multiple demat and trading account with a single stock broker.
Profitmart services are not suitable for the investors or traders who consider 1 to 3 years as a very long time for investment or for the people who consider investing as gambling or for a person who is a compulsive trader or investor.
Yes, the normal stock market timings in India are between 9:15 AM to 03:30 PM.
The opening of demat account is very easy as it is a complete paperless and that can be done online. As the demat account does not require any physical documentation. Profitmart is one of the best platforms that you can trust and rely to open a demat account in order to avail advanced trading technology.
Benefits of holding demat account with Profitmart are: • Fastest account opening process. • Attractive brokerage. • Highest leverage. • Advanced mobile trading application. • Advanced Algo trading.
You will receive a WhatsApp message on an email given to Profitmart and an SMS stating that a new investment call has been generated.
You can place trades through us via offline (through the dealer provided to you) or online (By logging into the online products offered by Profitmart).
Profitmart gives a margin ranging from 2X to 20X times.
Yes, As Profitmart suggests to buy a stock it will also suggest to exit the stock either partially or fully based on some events that materially impact its financial performance.
Yes, you can take delivery in selected commodities i.e. Agri, Gold and Silver.
It is an emerging broking house in India that offers various diversified investment options like Equities, Derivatives, Currency, Commodities, IPO, Mutual funds and Real estate.
Profitmart endeavor to provide returns that are significantly higher than overall market returns but cannot guarantee returns as equity returns are lumpy and give attractive returns via other asset classes.
It offers a margin for 3X for Options.
Equity, Commodity and Currency account can be opened with Profitmart.
Traditionally, the indices have been used as information sources. By looking at an index you get to know how the market is faring. The information aspect also figures in myriad applications of stock market indices in economic research.
Once the payment is verified from Profitmart’s bank account, the subscriber will require to complete the KYC and Risk Profile Questionnaire (as mandated by SEBI). Post this verification your account will be active.
Yes, we provide updates on all the stocks suggested by us. Profitmart ensure that there is a regular follow up on the companies tracked by it and which it shares to its subscribers by email.
In order to subscribe to Profitmart services, visit to the products button on the home page that contains all the product and pricing details of its Fundamental Advisory Products, Workshops and Portfolio Advisory Services.

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