Religare Stock Trading, Demat, Brokerage and Reviews 2020

Religare Stock Trading, Demat, Brokerage and Reviews 2020

Religare Brokerage Account Opening Enquiry

Incorporated in 1986, Religare Securities Ltd (RSL) is a subsidiary of Religare Enterprises Limited, New Delhi based diversified financial group.

Religare Securities offers retail broking, depository services and other related investment services to customers located across India. Religare has physical presence in over 500 cities though its branches and sub-brokers. This makes Religare one of the largest brick and mortar stock broker offering personalize services to over 10 lakh customers.

The services offered by Religare includes trading in equity, equity derivatives, currency derivatives, commodity, demat account and its related services, Mutual Funds, NCD, IPO ect.

Religare is member of BSE, NSE, MCX and NCDEX exchanges. Religare offers demat account service through NSDL and CDSL.

Online Trading though its installable trading terminal, website and mobile trading application are the latest push from the broker to cater do-it-yourself type of customers. Religare offers one of the best online trading platform in India stock market.

Account Types

Religare offers 2-in-1 account which includes an online trading and a demat account to its customers. The trading account is a mandatory account for the customers to buy or sell shares at stock exchanges. The demat accounts is for customer to hold securities in electronic format.

The 2-in-1 online trading account by Religare offers instant trading through web, mobile app & phone.

How to open account with Religare?

To trade in stock or commodity exchanges in India, customer need a trading account. Religare offers trading and demat account combo which offers seamless transactions between these two accounts.

You can open an account with Religare two way:

  1. Online Account Opening - The fastest and most preferable way of account opening which takes just few minutes. With the PAN Number provided, most of customer information is pulled from centralized eKYC systems and filled in the form automatically.
  2. Visiting Branch of Religare - Alternatively you could also visit Religare branch or call them to arrange a form pickup from home.

Religare Pros and Cons

Religare Pros (Advantages)

The following are the advantages of Religare. You must read Religare advantages and disadvantages before opening an account with Religare. Religare pros and cons help you find if it suits your investment needs.

  1. Offers margin against shares facility to trade on existing demat holding.
  2. Life time AMC free account is available for ₹ 2500 onetime payment.
  3. Offers research recommendations and powerful research tools.
  4. Facility is available to fund your account by dropping the check in the branch.

Religare Cons (Disadvantages)

The following are the cons of Religare. Check the list of Religare drawbacks.

  1. Call and Trade is charged at ₹10 per executed order (maximum ₹50 per day in a segment).

Religare Margin / Exposure

Religare leverage for intraday, delivery, options, currency and commodities.

Segment Margin
Equity Delivery Upto 4x with 24% interest per year
Equity Intraday Upto 10x
Equity Future Upto 3x
Equity Options Upto 3x for shorting
Currency Future Upto 2x
Currency Options 2x for shorting
Commodity Future Upto 3x
Commodity Options

Religare Ratings

Overall Rating Rated 2.9 stars 2.9/5
Fees Rated 3.1 stars 3.1/5
Brokerage Rated 3.1 stars 3.1/5
Usability Rated 3.0 stars 3.0/5
Customer Service Rated 2.9 stars 2.9/5
Research Capabilities Rated 3.0 stars 3.0/5

Based on 75 Votes by Religare Customers

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Religare Complaint

The number of Religare customer complaint received by the exchanges. The Religare consumer complaint report helps understanding the Religare quality and relibility of service.

Exchange Financial Year Number of Clients* Complaints**
NSE 2020-21 111,931 8
NSE 2019-20 111,652 47
BSE 2019-20 45,697 9
NSE 2018-19 162,151 69
BSE 2018-19 42,292 4
NSE 2017-18 143,892 78
BSE 2017-18 75,872 18
NSE 2016-17 120,758 83
BSE 2016-17 52,044 22
NSE 2015-16 120,282 109