ICICI Direct Stock Trading, Demat, Brokerage and Reviews 2020

ICICI Direct Stock Trading, Demat, Brokerage and Reviews 2020

ICICI Direct Account Opening Enquiry/Get a call Back

ICICI Direct is a retail trading and investment service from ICICI Securities, the largest retail stock broker firm in India offering a wide range of investment options to the retail and institutional customers. ICICI Securities is part of ICICI Group, India's top financial service provider offering banking and other financial services. ICICI Securities offers 'online trading and investment' services to over 20 lakhs customers through ICICI Direct (ICICIDirect.com).

ICICIDirect.com is the flagship website of ICICI Bank. This website offers a complete suite of investment products such as Online Equity Trading, Derivatives Trading, Mutual Fund & IPO, Fixed Deposit, Bond, NCD, wealth products, Home Loans, Loan against Securities etc.; all under one login. ICICIdirect.com is among the most visited investment portals in India.

The 3-in-1 account, which includes ICICI Bank Account, ICICI Trading Account and ICICI Demat Account, is the key offering for retail stock market investors in India. It provides extremely simple and efficient way to invest in stock market and other financial instruments. The customers can visit any of the over 1500 ICICI Bank branches or ICICIDirect offices to get in-person help on financial products which are sold through ICICI direct.

ICICIDirect also offers timely pay-in and pay-out, hassle free settlements and above all local and personalized service.

ICICIDirect Trades In: BSE and NSE

ICICI Direct Special Offers

ICICI 3-in-1 Account

ICICI Direct offers a 3-in-1 account, a combination of saving bank, trading and demat account. It offers one-click investment in Equity, Derivatives, Mutual Funds, IPO, ETF, Life Insurance, General Insurance, Currency, and Fixed Deposits.

ICICI Direct Charges 2020

ICICI Direct Account Opening Charges and AMC

Transaction Charges
Trading Account Opening Charges (One Time) ₹975
Trading Annual maintenance charges (AMC) ₹0
Demat Account Opening Charges (One Time) ₹0
Demat Account Annual Maintenance Charges AMC (Yearly Fee) ₹700

ICICI offers 3 types of brokerage plans to its customer:

  1. I-Secure Plan (Flat brokerage Plan)

    This plan offers Flat Brokerage (in %) irrespective of the turnover value. This plan is suitable for traders/investors looking at the secured and fixed brokerage. Read more about ICICI Direct I-Secure Plan

    ICICI Direct I - Secure Plan Brokerage Charges

    Segment Brokerage
    Equity Delivery 0.55%
    Equity Intraday 0.275%
    Eq Margin & Margin Plus 0.050%
    Eq Future & Future Plus 0.050%
    Eq Future & Future Plus (Intraday) ₹50
    Currency Futures 0.050%
    Currency Futures (Intraday) ₹10 per lot
    Options & Option Plus ₹95 per lot
    Options & Option Plus (Intraday) ₹50 per lot
    Currency Options ₹25 per lot
    Currency Options (Intraday) ₹10 per lot
    NCDs / Bonds 0.75%
  2. ICICI Direct Prepaid Brokerage Plan

    ICICI Direct Prepaid plan offers discounted brokerage rates when you pay a one time fixed fee upfront. There are 6 prepaid plans available. Each plan has a validity of 15 years. Read more about ICICI Direct Prepaid Brokerage Plan

    ICICI Direct Prepaid Brokerage Plan

    Prepaid Plan Brokerage - Cash Brokerage - Future Brokerage - Options Brokerage - Curr Options eATM limit Margin Trading Interest Rate(yearly)
    ₹10,000 0.25% 0.025% ₹35/lot 0 ₹10 Lacs 12.9%
    ₹25,000 0.22% 0.022% ₹30/lot 0 ₹10 Lacs 12.9%
    ₹50,000 0.18% 0.018% ₹25/lot 0 ₹25 Lacs 11.4%
    ₹100,000 0.15% 0.015% ₹20/lot 0 ₹1 Cr 8.9%
    ₹200,000 0.12% 0.012% ₹15/lot 0 ₹1 Cr 8.9%
    ₹300,000 0.09% 0.009% ₹10/lot 0 ₹1 Cr 8.9%
  3. ICICI Direct Prime Plan

    ICICI Direct Prime plan is designed to reduce the brokerage charges and also get money instantly in their bank account when selling shares. This plan also offers exclusive research to members. Three prime plans - ₹900, ₹4500 and ₹9500 are available to customers and each of these plans offers an upfront reduction in brokerage across all equity and derivative products. All plans are valid for 365 days. Read more about ICICI Direct Prime Brokerage Plan.

    ICICI Direct Prime Plan Brokerage Charges

    Plan Equity Cash Futures Options Currency F&O Margin Trading Interest Rate(yearly)
    ₹900 0.25% 0.025% ₹35 per lot ₹0 per lot 12.9%
    ₹4500 0.18% 0.018% ₹25 per lot ₹0 per lot 11.4%
    ₹9500 0.15% 0.015% ₹20 per lot ₹0 per lot 8.9%

ICICI Minimum Brokerage Charges

  1. ICICI Direct Minimum Brokerage: ICICI charges minimum brokerage by the plan you choose.
    • In I-Secure plan, the minimum brokerage of ₹35 per trade or 2.5% of the trade value whichever is lower.
    • In Prime plan and Prepaid plan, the minimum brokerage of ₹25 per trade or 2.5% of the trade value whichever is lower.
  2. ICICI charges flat 5 paisa per share (₹0.05) brokerage on stocks priced less then ₹10 per share.
Special Offer: Get ICICI Direct 3-in-1 account, an integrated trading + demat + bank account for one-click investment in stock market and mutual funds.

How to open account with ICICI Securities Pvt Ltd.?

For Online Stock Trading with ICICI, investor needs to open 3 accounts: ICICI Bank Account, ICICI Direct Trading Account and ICICI Demat Account (DP Account).

Note: If you already have a bank account or demat account with ICICI, you could link it with new ICICIDirect trading account.

Opening trading account with ICICI is easy. You could use one of the following options to open account with ICICIDirect.

  • Visit ICICIDirect.com and fill the "Open an Account" form.
  • Call ICICI and tell them that you are interested in opening an account with them.

In both the cases ICICI representative contact you in a day or two and tell you about the procedure to open the account. They usually send somebody to your home to collect documents, signature and for demo if required.

ICICI Direct Trading Software

ICICI Direct offers 3 trading platforms to its customers:

  1. ICICIDirect.com Website

    ICICI Direct website is the most used online investment and trading website in India for over 2 decades. ICICI Direct website offers online trading and demat accounts, IPO, SIPs, mutual funds, insurance, and many other products. The website also offers research and recommendations.

  2. Trade Racer (Trading Terminal)

    Trade Racer, the installable trading terminal designed for frequent traders. This desktop online trading software is loaded with a number of tools for high-speed volume trading. The Trade Racer terminal is offered for free to all its customers.

  3. ICICIDirect Mobile App

    ICICIdirect Mobile App enables you to trade and invest on the go. Downloadable for both Android and iOS, ICICIdirect Mobile app provides all products and services available on ICICIdirect.com along with features like real-time price alerts, research notifications, and customized alerts on Portfolio stocks.


ICICI Direct Pros and Cons

ICICI Direct Pros (Advantages)

The following are the advantages of ICICI Direct. You must read ICICI Direct advantages and disadvantages before opening an account with ICICI Direct. ICICI Direct pros and cons help you find if it suits your investment needs.

  1. 3-in-1 account integrates your banking, broking and demat accounts. All accounts are from ICICI and very well integrated. This feature makes ICICI the most interesting player in the online trading facility. There is absolutely no manual interfere require. This is truly online trading environment.
  2. Unlike most of the online trading companies in India which require transferring money to the broker's pool or towards deposits, at ICICIDirect you can manage your own demat and bank accounts through ICICIdirect.com. Money from selling stock is available in ICICI bank account as soon as the ICICIDirect receive it.
  3. Investment online in IPOs, Mutual Funds, GOI Bonds, and Postal Savings Schemes all from one website. General Insurance is also available from ICICI Lombard.
  4. Trading is available in both BSE and NSE.
  5. Low bandwidth website is available for slow internet connection or for trading from mobile devices.
  6. Through VTC Feature (Valid Till Cancelled), customers can place buy or sell limit orders which will remain valid for 45 days.

ICICI Direct Cons (Disadvantages)

The following are the cons of ICICI Direct. Check the list of ICICI Direct drawbacks.

  1. ICICIDirect brokerage is high and not negotiable. The brokerage can be brought down by subscribing to ICICIdirect Prime or prepaid brokerage plans.
  2. ICICIDirect doesn't offer commodity trading. With ICICI Trading account you cannot trade at MCX or NCDEX. ICICI Securities have plans to introduce commodity trading in near future.
  3. ICICI minimum brokerage charge as per the standard I-Secure Plan is ₹35 per trade which is very high for traders who does small trades.
  4. ICICI charges flat ₹0.05 per share brokerage on stocks quoting upto ₹10. This makes it very difficult to trade in penny stocks.
  5. ICICI Direct charges ₹25 per call for call & trade after first 20 free calls in a month.

ICICI Direct Margin / Exposure

ICICI Direct leverage for intraday, delivery, options, currency and commodities.

Segment Margin
Equity Delivery 5x with Interest
Equity Intraday Upto 25x
Equity Future 4x
Equity Options 2x for shorting
Currency Future NA
Currency Options NA
Commodity Future NA
Commodity Options

Visit ICICI Direct Margin Review for more detail.

ICICI Direct Ratings

Overall Rating Rated 2.4 stars 2.4/5
Fees Rated 2.3 stars 2.3/5
Brokerage Rated 1.7 stars 1.7/5
Usability Rated 3.4 stars 3.4/5
Customer Service Rated 2.7 stars 2.7/5
Research Capabilities Rated 3.0 stars 3.0/5

Based on 422 Votes by ICICI Direct Customers

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ICICI Direct Complaint

The number of ICICI Direct customer complaint received by the exchanges. The ICICI Direct consumer complaint report helps understanding the ICICI Securities Pvt Ltd. quality and relibility of service.

Exchange Financial Year Number of Clients* Complaints**
NSE 2020-21 1,091,830 93
NSE 2019-20 1,075,956 194
BSE 2019-20 387,968 25
NSE 2018-19 830,661 161
BSE 2018-19 250,225 25
NSE 2017-18 798,355 153
BSE 2017-18 417,147 84
NSE 2016-17 618,359 132
BSE 2016-17 296,286 21
NSE 2015-16 560,438 153

* The number of active customers reported by the broker.

** The total number of complaints received against the broker at the given exchange.

Distinguishing Features of ICICI Direct:

  1. 3-1 account offers great flexibility and worry-free transaction between Bank Account, Demat Account and Share Broker Account. Also, the website (ICICIDirect.com) has wide ranges of investment products available. This makes investing easy.
  2. "myGTC Orders" is a unique and a very useful feature offered by ICICIDirect. Using this facility, when placing a buy/sell order, a share trader can specify the date until when the order will be valid. GTC is short form of 'Good Till Cancel'.

    For example - you can place an order to buy Reliance Industries shares at ₹700 (say current market price is ₹750) and keep the myGTC date, say, one month from now. In this case, you order will be valid for next one month at ₹700. If the share reaches at this price in next one month, the order will automatically execute. It's a hassle-free service which helps a lot to many of the investors who has a price in mind and do not want to miss the opportunity to buy/sell share when it reaches to that price.