Geojit Stock Trading, Demat, Brokerage and Reviews 2020

Geojit Stock Trading, Demat, Brokerage and Reviews 2020

Geojit Stock Account Opening Enquiry/Get a call Back

Incorporated in 1987, Geojit BNP Paribas (Geojit) is one of the major stock brokers based in India. Geojit is based in Kochi, Kerala and has the strong presence in Gulf.

Geojit BNP Paribas is cash equity and derivatives broker with extensive experience in Portfolio Management Services and the distribution of financial products: mutual funds and life insurance.

Geojit provides stock trading at NSE and BSE stock exchanges through a strong network of around 500 branches and its state of art online trading portal.

Geojit BNP Paribas is a stock market listed company and its stock are traded at NSE (GEOJIT) and BSE (532285).

Over the years the name of the company got changed from Geojit Securities Ltd. to Geojit Financial Services Ltd. (GFSL) and finally to Geojit BNP Paribas Financial Services LTD in April 2009.

Trade In: BSE and NSE

Geojit Charges 2020

  • Trading Account Opening Charges (One Time): ₹Nil
  • Trading Annual maintenance charges (AMC): ₹0
  • Demat Account Opening Charges (One Time): ₹100 (for Agreement Stamp Paper)
  • Demat Account Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC): ₹400

Geojit Brokerage Charges:

  1. Cash Market Brokerage
    • Delivery-based Trading: 0.30%
    • Intra-day Trading: 0.03%
  2. Futures & Options Brokerage
    • Futures: 0.03%
    • Options Intraday: ₹125 per contract
    • Options carry forward positions: ₹150 per contract

Geojit Other Brokergae Charges

  1. Minimum Brokerage Geojit: Geojit charges ₹20 per Contract or 1 paisa per share whichever is higher subject to a maximum of 2.5% per share.

Geojit Depository Service Charges

For Resident Retail Customers and Corporates
Particulars Charges
Account Opening Nil
First Year AMC Nil
Annual Maintenance Charges ₹600 (₹450 for customers receiving e-mail statements)
Transaction Charges - Buy - Market and Off-Market Nil
Transaction Charges - Sell - For transaction through Geojit 0.02 % subject to a minimum of ₹15 and maximum of ₹40 per transaction
Transaction Charges - Sell - For transaction through other brokers 0.02% subject to a minimum of ₹50 and maximum of ₹100 per Transaction
Transaction Charges - Sell - Off Market Trades 0.02 % subject to a minimum of ₹20 and maximum of ₹40 per transaction
Pledge Creation ₹50 per transaction
Pledge closure ₹50 per transaction
Pledge invocation ₹50 per transaction
Dematerialisation Charges Nil + Courier charges @ Rs.35/- per request
Rematerialisation Charges Rs.10 for every hundred securities or part thereof or Rs.10 per certificate
Custody Charges Nil

Geojit Trading Software

Geojit BNP Paribas offers an Advanced Online Investment Platform called SELFIE (Self-Directed Trading & Investment Platform). The Geojit's trading platform offers Virtual dealer terminal (SEFIE Platinum), WEB and Mobile trading applications.

Geojit BNP Paribas offer stock trading services under two trading plans:

  1. SELFIE Gold

    SELFIE Gold is a trading website (browser based trading application). This trading application is offered absolutely FREE to all online customers and offers uniform experience across multiple devices. The key feature of SELFIE Gold includes integrated Security view with quotes, charts, news, recommendations, MBP, F&O Chains & Order windows all at one place, real time News aggregation and visualization engine and market intelligence & research calls.

  2. SELFIE Platinum

    SELFIE Platinum platform is a virtual dealer terminal (installable EXE program). It is designed for active traders. Key features of SELFIE Platinum includes flexibility to customize screen layout, fast trade execution and Tick by Tick updation of index chart.

Geojit Pros and Cons

Geojit Pros (Advantages)

The following are the advantages of Geojit. You must read Geojit advantages and disadvantages before opening an account with Geojit. Geojit pros and cons help you find if it suits your investment needs.

  1. Geojit BNP Paribas has introduced a view only "terminal" that delivers real-time market information from the Company's system to the GPRS enabled mobile phones of Company's clients. FLIP-ME* (Financial Internet Platform-Mobile Edition) delivers key information and a host of other features empowering the client on the move to take trading decisions, and avail the call and trade facility to execute orders.
  2. Investors can place orders via phone by calling customer care (Toll free) or through respective branch.
  3. Company has list of preferred backs including HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Citibank & Federal Bank, Punjab National Bank, Union Bank of India, Bank of India and IDBI Bank.
  4. Facility to place online orders in Post-close session of NSE and BSE.
  5. Daily market calls, Research Reports, Demat Holdings, change of Platform, etc are available though SMS.

Geojit Cons (Disadvantages)

The following are the cons of Geojit. Check the list of Geojit drawbacks.

  1. Company doesn't offer 3 in 1 trading account like other popular brokers. Investor has to use banking services from other banks.
  2. The brokerage changes are very high in comparison to other brokers.
  3. Geogit charges minimum brokerage of ₹20 per Contract or 1 paisa per share whichever is higher.

Geojit Margin / Exposure

Geojit leverage for intraday, delivery, options, currency and commodities.

Segment Margin
Equity Delivery Upto 7x with 22% interest per year
Equity Intraday Upto 10x
Equity Future No additional leverage
Equity Options No additional leverage
Currency Future No additional leverage
Currency Options No additional leverage
Commodity Future NA
Commodity Options

Visit Geojit Margin Review for more detail.

Geojit Ratings

Overall Rating Rated 3.8 stars 3.8/5
Fees Rated 3.7 stars 3.7/5
Brokerage Rated 3.3 stars 3.3/5
Usability Rated 4.1 stars 4.1/5
Customer Service Rated 3.8 stars 3.8/5
Research Capabilities Rated 3.0 stars 3.0/5

Geojit Complaint

The number of Geojit customer complaint received by the exchanges. The Geojit consumer complaint report helps understanding the Geojit BNP Paribas quality and relibility of service.

Exchange Financial Year Number of Clients* Complaints**
NSE 2020-21 166,231 18
NSE 2019-20 163,742 38
BSE 2019-20 42,127 6
NSE 2018-19 163,875 32
BSE 2018-19 34,398 5
NSE 2017-18 183,466 38
BSE 2017-18 67,110 10
NSE 2016-17 160,317 32
BSE 2016-17 58,437 3
NSE 2015-16 177,397 32