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Astha Trade is one of the leading discount stock broking company founded in Bhopal (M.P.). It is listed in various stock exchanges such as BSE, NSE, NCDEX and MCX-SX. The purpose of this article is to provide you extensive information about Astha Trade reviews, Astha Trade Brokerage charges and Fees, Astha Trade Offers, Astha Trade Products and other different concepts.

Astha Trade was established in the year 2003, Bhopal (M.P.) and has its franchise in more than 100 cities across India. It intends to provide its services throughout the expanse of exchange traded derivatives, cash Market and commodity products. It is also registered under SEBI. The customers can trade across the equity, commodity and currency segments.

Astha Trade brokering charges is moderate in comparison with its competitors. Its brokerage charges are mentioned in percentages with a maximum cap assigned at value based on the trading segment. Its brokering charges can be effortlessly calculated through Astha Trade brokerage calculator.

The rates charged by Astha Trade for Margin which we measured for Intraday Margin is as following-

  • NIFTY at Rs 5000 per lot
  • Bank NIFTY at Rs 2500 per lot
  • Crude Oil at Rs 2000 per lot
  • Gold at Rs 10000 per lot

For all this, you are required to open a trading account with Astha. The charges for the same are as follows-

  • Trading Account, Equity and F&O Account Opening Charge- Rs 500/- (Lifetime Validity).
  • Demat Account Charges- Rs 300/- + Service Tax p.a.
  • Trading Account for Commodity- Rs 500/- (Lifetime Validity).
  • Demat Account Maintenance Charge- Rs 300/- per year.

The Other Terms which are applicable by this firm include the following stated below-

  • Minimum Brokerage Charges for NSE & MCX are charged at Rs 10/- per lot.
  • Minimum Contract Charges for NSE & MCX are charged at Rs 30/- per contract note.
  • Call and Trade Charges (Normal Plan) – Free.
  • Call and Trade Charges – Rs 20/- per order.
  • Delay Payment Charges (Normal Plan) are charged at 12% per annum.
  • Delay Payment Charges (Rs 20/- per order) are charged at 18% per annum.
  • Pledge and Unpledged Charges are charged at 0.04% or Rs 50/- (whichever is higher).
  • Payin Securities Charges are charged at 0.05% or Rs 25/- (Whichever is higher).

The Transaction and Other Charges which are levied by the Government are as follows-

  • Margin Plan (Brokerage) – This plan includes 0.001% for Equity Intraday, 0.1% for Equity Delivery, 0.001% Futures, Rs 10 per lot for Buy and Rs 30 for Sell per lot in Options.
  • Rs 20 Per Order Plan (Brokerage) – This plan includes Rs 20 per order on Equity Intraday, Rs 20 per order on Equity Delivery, Rs 20 per order on Futures, Rs 20 per order on Options.
  • SST- This plan includes 0.025% on Sell Side Equity Intraday, 0.1% on both buy and sell on Equity Delivery, 0.01% on sell side Futures, 0.05% on sell side (Premium) and 0.125% to buyer (on exercise) in Options.
  • Transaction/ Turnover Charges- This plan includes Rs 325/crore in Equity Intraday, Rs 325/crore in Equity Delivery, Rs 190/crore in Futures, Rs 5000/ crore of premium in Options.
  • GST- This plan includes 18% on Brokerage+ Transaction charge in Equity Intraday, 18% on Brokerage+ Transaction charge in Equity Delivery, 18% on Brokerage+ Transaction charge in Futures, 18% on Brokerage+ Transaction charge in Options.
  • SEBI Charges- This plan includes Rs 15/ crore in Equity Intraday, Rs 15/ crore in Equity Delivery, Rs 15/ crore in Futures Rs 15/ crore in Options.
  • Stamp Charges- As per your state across all the segments applicable with includes Equity Intraday, Equity Delivery, Futures and Options.

Astha Trade service also provides a unique Association Program that aims to influence and benefit certain sectors. The details of the program bifurcation are as follows-

  • Active Trader- If you’re an active trader, you not only get to enjoy the perks offered by Astha Trade but you also have the chance to earn more with the help of its ‘Refer and Earn’ Program.
  • Educator- If you are the complete Mr. Know it All about the stock market, you can use the trading platforms for your students and also equip your colleagues to get on board with Astha Trade.
  • Social Influencer- You will earn extra point and benefits but, if you constantly refer Astha Trade on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, you automatically become a part of the Refer and Earn Scheme as well.
  • Youtuber- Based on your reviews of Astha applications, products and services and their respective number of views and likes, a certain amount of profit will be shared with you.
  • Profit Sharing- Here, you will be the middleman between the firm and your client. You will get a fixed percentage of the brokerage made by your client along with some extra bonuses.

Astha Trade Value Added Services

  • The firm has an easy to use interface for trading. Timely reports are made for the transactions made through the same.
  • Astha Trade has its own segments in NSE now and NSE Online for its own customer base.
  • It also has separate application for iPhone called ‘AsthaTrade Wave’ which has an intuitive interface.
  • Friendly customer support which is helpful and swift in its action through phone call, toll free number, email and live chat 24/7.
  • Instant transactions and timely alerts.
  • Special download section which gives you full information about the policies and account forms.
  • It also supports E- Broking and Real time quotes and updates.

The Advantages of choosing Astha Trade is as follows-

  • There is a discounted stockbroking along with low brokerage price.
  • Advanced charting facilities.
  • High referral earnings via Refer and Earn program.
  • High Margin along with the best experience.
  • Wider exposure available.

The Disadvantages of choosing Astha Trade is as follows

  • Fewer services offered as compared to its competitors.
  • The transaction charges are higher.

Astha Trade Customer Reviews

The customers totally love the strong email support provided by the team. The trading platform has a smooth scaling and is well developed to make sure that transactions take place without any halt. The customer base is mostly due to its reliability as it is one of the oldest firms in the market today.

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