NSE Daily Circuit Filters

NSE Daily Circuit Filters

Circuit Filters or Daily Circuit Filters sets the limit to fluctuations of stock prices. Circuit filters are set by stock exchanges to stop any unduly rising or falling of a stock price.

They are numeric percent limits set on individual scripts. National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) define circuit filters in 5 categories including 2%, 5%, 10%, 20% and no circuit filter.

Circuit filters works in either ways. I.e. if circuit set for equity is 10%, stock price cannot move further +10% to lower then -10%.

Circuit filter changes every day and stock keeps moving between one circuit filter categories to other based on previous day's closing price. Below is the list of current circuit filters at NSE:

Stocks in 5% Circuit Filter Stocks Circuit Filter

Symbol Series Security Name
AARVEEDEN EQ Aarvee Denims & Exports Limited
ADANIENT EQ Adani Enterprises Limited
ADVANIHOTR BE Advani Hotels & Resorts (India) Limited
AICHAMP BE AI Champdany Industries Limited
AKSHOPTFBR BE Aksh Optifibre Limited
ALCHEM EQ Alchemist Ltd
ALPHAGEO EQ Alphageo (India) Limited
ANTGRAPHIC BE Antarctica Ltd
ASSAMCO BE Assam Company Limited
ATNINTER BE ATN International Limited
AXIS-IT&T BE Axis-IT&T Limited
BAGFILMS EQ B.A.G Films and Media Limited
BARTRONICS EQ Bartronics India Limited
BBTC EQ Bombay Burmah Trading Corp. Ltd
BEPL EQ Bhansali Engineering Polymers Ltd
BFUTILITIE EQ BF Utilities Limited
BHARATRAS EQ Bharat Rasayan Ltd
BIL EQ Bhartiya International Limited
BLUECHIP EQ Blue Chip India Ltd
BLUECOAST EQ Blue Coast Hotels and Resorts Limited
BOBELSS97 BT BOB Mutual Fund-ELSS 97
BPL BE BPL Limited
BPLENGG BE BPL Engineering Ltd
BVXL BE Birla VXL Limited
CAROLINFO EQ Carol Info Services Limited
CINEVISTA EQ Cinevistaas Limited
CREATIVEYE BE Creative Eye Ltd.
DCMFINSERV BE DCM Financial Services Limited
DHANBANK BE The Dhanalakshmi Bank Ltd.
DSKULKARNI EQ DS Kulkarni Developers Ltd.
DUNCANSIND BE Duncans Industries Ltd
DYNACONS BE Dynacons Systems & Solutions Ltd.
EIMCOELECO EQ Eimco Elecon (India) Ltd.
ENNOREFO EQ Ennore Foundries Limited
ENTEGRA EQ Entegra Limited
ETCNET BE ETC Networks Limited
EVINIX EQ Evinix Accessories Limited
GENESYS EQ Genesys International Corporation Limited
GENUSOVERE EQ Genus Overseas Electronics Limited
GLFL BE Gujarat Lease Financing Ltd
GMDCLTD EQ Gujarat Mineral Development Corporation Limited
GODREJIND EQ Godrej Industries Ltd.
GOLDTECH EQ Goldstone Technologies Ltd.
GOLDTELE EQ Goldstone Teleservices Ltd.
GPELECT BE GP Electronics Ltd.
GTCIND EQ GTC Industries Ltd
GUFICBIO BE Gufic Biosciences Limited
GUJSTATFIN BT Gujarat State Financial Corporation
HBSTOCK EQ HB Stockholdings Limited
HIMACHLFUT EQ Himachal Futuristic Communication Ltd
HINDDORROL EQ Hindustan Dorr-Oliver Ltd
HOTELRUGBY BE Hotel Rugby Ltd.
HOVS BE HOV Services Limited
IFBAGRO EQ IFB Agro Industries Ltd
IFBIND BE IFB Industries Ltd.
IMPEXFERRO EQ Impex Ferro Tech Limited
INDIAGLYCO EQ India Glycols Ltd
INDIANHUME EQ Indian Hume Pipe Co. Ltd
IVC EQ IL&FS Investment Managers Limited
JAIBALAJI EQ Jai Balaji Industries Limited
JAICORPLTD BE Jai Corp Limited
JAINSTUDIO EQ Jain Studios Limited
JAYAGROGN EQ Jayant Agro Organics Ltd.
JAYPEEHOT BE Jaypee Hotels Ltd
JDORGO BE JD Orgochem Limited
JENSONICOL BE Jenson & Nicholson (India) Ltd
JIK BE JIK Industries Limited
JINDALPOLY BE Jindal Poly Films Limited
KEI EQ KEI Industries Limited
KERNEX BE Kernex Microsystems (India) Limited
KEYCORPSER EQ Keynote Corp. Serv. Ltd.
KHAITANLTD BE Khaitan (India) Ltd.
KINETICMOT BE Kinetic Motor Company Limited
KNL EQ Karuturi Networks Limited
KOPDRUGS BE KDL Biotech Limited
KOTHARIPET BE Kothari Petrochemicals Ltd
KOTHARIPRO EQ Kothari Products Ltd.
KRISHNAENG BE Krishna Engineering Works Ltd
KSERAPRO EQ K Sera Sera Productions Limited
LCCINFOTEC BE LCC Infotech Limited
LLOYDFIN BE Lloyds Finance Ltd.
LLOYDSTEEL EQ Lloyds Steel Industries Ltd.
LOGIXMICRO EQ Logix Microsystems Limited
MAARSOFTW BE Maars Software International Ltd.
MADRASFERT BE Madras Fertilizers Ltd
MALUPAPER EQ Malu Paper Mills Limited
MANGTIMBER EQ Mangalam Timber Products Ltd
MARKSANS BE Marksans Pharma Limited
MBECL EQ Mcnally Bharat Engineering Company Limited
MELSTAR BE Melstar Information Technologies Ltd.
MOTOGENFIN EQ The Motor & General Finance Ltd
MSKPROJ BE MSK Projects (India) Limited
MSPL EQ MSP Steel & Power Limited
NAGPURENG EQ Jayaswals Neco Ltd
NEOCURTHER BE Neocure Therapeutics Ltd
NISSAN BE Nissan Copper Limited
NORTHGATE EQ Northgate Technologies Limited
NOVAPETRO BE Nova Petrochemicals Limited
NSIL EQ Nalwa Sons Investments Limited
NUCENT EQ Nucent Finance Limited
NUCHEM BE Nuchem Ltd
OILCOUNTUB BE Oil Country Tubular Ltd
PAREKHPLAT BE Parekh Platinum Ltd
PAVCI EQ Panasonic AVC Networks India Co. Limited.
PEACOCKIND BE Peacock Industries Ltd
PEPL BE Pearl Engineering Polymers Limited
PNC EQ Pritish Nandy Communications Ltd.
POLARIND BE Polar Industries Ltd
PRAKASH EQ Prakash Industries Ltd
PREMIER EQ Premier Limited
QUINTEGRA EQ Quintegra Solutions Limited
RADAAN EQ Radaan Mediaworks India Limited
RAIREKMOH EQ Raisaheb Reckhchand Mohota Spinning & Weaving Mills Ltd
RAJTV EQ Raj Television Network Limited
REIAGRO EQ Rei Agro Limited
REMSONSIND BE Remsons Industries Ltd
RIIL EQ Reliance Industrial Infrastructure Limited
RKFORGE BE Ramkrishna Forgings Limited
RUBYMILLS EQ The Ruby Mills Ltd
RUCHIRA BE Ruchira Papers Limited
SAMBHAAV EQ Sambhaav Media Limited
SAMTEL BE Samtel Color Ltd.
SANWARIA EQ Sanwaria Agro Oils Limited
SAREGAMA BE Saregama India Limited
SBBJ BT State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur
SBT BT State Bank of Travancore
SGFL BE Shree Ganesh Forgings Limited
SHREERAMA BE Shree Rama Multi-Tech Limited
SHREYANIND EQ Shreyans Industries Ltd
SIGROUPIND BE SI Group - India Limited
SIL BE Standard Industries Limited
SIMBHSUGAR BE Simbhaoli Sugars Limited
SOFTPRO BE Softpro Systems Limited
SOFTTECHGR BE Software Technology Group International Limited
SPIC BE Southern Petrochemicals Industries Corporation Ltd.
SPSL EQ Shree Precoated Steels Limited
SRGINFOTEC BE SRG Infotec (India) Ltd.
SRHHLINDST BE SRHHL Industries Limited
STCINDIA EQ The State Trading Corporation of India Limited
STEELTUBES BE Steel Tubes of India Limited
TANLA EQ Tanla Solutions Limited
TFCILTD EQ Tourism Finance Corpn of India Ltd
TIDEWATER BE Tide Water Oil Co. (India) Limited
TNPETRO BE Tamilnadu PetroProducts Ltd.
TNTELE BE Tamilnadu Telecommunication Ltd
TODAYS EQ Todays Writing Products Limited
UMITL BE Usha Martin Infotech Limited
UNIENTER BE Uniphos Enterprises Limited
VAKRANSOFT EQ Vakrangee Softwares Limited
VINTAGE BE Vintage Cards & Creations Limited
VISHALEXPO BE Vishal Exports Overseas Limited
WALCHANNAG EQ Walchandnagar Industries Ltd
WINDSOR BE Windsor Machines Limited
WSI BE W S Industries (I) Ltd
XLTL EQ XL Telecom Limited
ZANDUPHARM EQ Zandu Pharmaceutical works Ltd.
ZENITHEXPO EQ Zenith Exports Ltd.