Term & Conditions: -

1-Open an account with us in Alice Blue ,ProfitMart , Astha Trade,Angel Broking , Zerodha, Upstox from the link below and win RENAULT KWID RXL 0.8, cash prizes and mobile phones. You can choose one broker as per your choice.

2-**You need to Like, Comment and share this video on Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc) or in any Group (WhatApp, Telegram) and need to take screenshot once you won you need to share screenshot with us.

3-After every 2 thousand accounts opened, we will announce winners.

4- Winners will be selected while winner announcement every time.

5-When first time 2000 account completed, we will give Bumper Prize, Rs. 1 Lacs and 3 Mini Prizes, mobiles phones cost Rs 10000 each.

6-Bumper price will increase by Rs 50000 on every announcement up to 4 lacs. Mobile cost will increase by 5000 Rs up to 20000 Rs. Chinese phone will not be given. .

7-We will give RENAULT KWID RXL 0.8 or 4 lacs rupees as per winner choice when reward money will reach 4 lacs and next time onward this same reward will be continuing.

8-Once the bumper price reaches 4 Lacs, we will give RENAULT KWID RXL 0.8 or Rs 4 Lacs on every announcement.

9-Once any one selected he/she can not precipitate and will not be in the list.

10-First time we will choose winner from 2000 people.

11-Second time 1996(Old member whosoever is not win in first cycle) +2000 new people.

12-Third time 3992 old member who did not win anything+2000 new people. This process will run like this.

13-**Our employee, relatives, friends and person below 18 year can not participate in this offer.

14-**If you opened in Alice Blue, ProfitMart, Astha Trade, Zerodha, you need to trade once to be eligible for this offer.

15-If you open account in Angel broking and Upstox first trade is not mandatory.

16-**If you make profit in any month you will get refund every time when you make profit of your brokerage till life time.
Alice Blue-60% Of Total brokerage
Profit Mart-50% Of Total brokerage
Astha Trade- 30% Of Total brokerage
Angel broking/Upstox/Zerodha-40% Of Total brokerage

17-Amount will not be transferred, Winners need to come in Noida to collect the money (Cash or cheque).

18-Mobile phones will be send via courier on given address by winners.

19-These all offers run by GarvThakur.Com, reward will be given by us only.

After Making profit in any month, you need to send ledger and charged brokerage and account details to
Additional Benefits: - Get life time free calls in Stock Cash, Stock Future, Index, Index Options, Stock Options, MCX & MCX Options.

Check performance:

- You can check some of live calls in our below telegram channel.


Conditions- You need to trade in account which opened under our link.

Account Opening link: -
Alice Blue (Account Opening Fees 500 Rs) Highest Margin Provider in BO CO

ProfitMart (FNO & MCX Free Account Opening) Highest Margin Provider in BO CO

Astha Trade (Free account opening) Highest margin Provider in MIS

Do not forget to click checkbox

Angel broking (20 Rs/Order) Free Account Opening

Upstox (250 Rs account opening) 20 Rs/Order Brokerage, Low margin provider, Equity Delivery Trade Free
(Upstox Referral Code- 138248)

Zerodha (300 Rs Account opening) 20 Rs/Order Brokerage, Low margin provider, Free Equity Delivery Trade